How To Optimize Windows 10 PC Performance?

Windows 10 is a very agile and purposeful operating system with wide range of features for the users. However, with regular usage, any PC even with Windows 10 operating system can submit to normal wear and tear. Abrasion in this case would be accumulation of junk files, redundant Windows registries and unwanted programs that slow down the operating time of the computer and leads to slow or low PC performance. Thankfully there are several ways by which you can optimize your Windows 10 PC performance. Read further to learn how you can improve the performance of your Windows 10 computer. You can also take help of High PC Booster for boosting the performance of your computer or call the High PC Booster Support team for a speedy guidance.

Disable transparency Effects

Windows 10 is embellished with various types of animation and transparency effects. Though these features make the whole user experience a pleasing experience but these features tend to make system slower. Turn off these special effects and go for the classic Windows look for a faster PC performance.

Disable Startup programs

Certain programs have a component that makes them open at Windows Startup making the booting process slower. Disable some of these programs to allow your booting process faster.

Turn off unnecessary services

Windows has several services for your usage. Some of these services may be important for the normal functioning of your computer but some of them may be not so necessary for you. You can easily disable these services from Task Manager to make your system run faster.

Enable fast startup

Windows 10 has a smart feature which allows the user to fast boot the system. When the computer shuts down, Windows saves an image of loaded drivers and kernel in a separate file known as “hiberfile”. On booting up, Windows loads this file for fast startup. To enable this function, go to Control Panel and choose “System and Security”. Choose Power options and under Shutdown settings, click on “Turn on fast startup”.

Remove unnecessary programs

Having a lot of unnecessary program installed on your computer can make your computer slow. Thus it is advised to remove the programs that you don’t use or need anymore.

Regularly perform disk cleanup and defragmentation

Defrag your hard drives regularly to facilitate your computer run faster and efficiently. Also regularly perform disk cleanup to get rid of unnecessary files from your computer.

Following these measures, will optimize your Windows 10 PC to perform better and faster. For any other query or issue related to computers, you can contact our High PC Booster Support team.

How To Improve The Speed Of Your Computer?

Computers are powerful devices with considerable amount of computing power and help us perform wide range of functions. However with regular usage, these machines become clogged with junk files and viral matter that drastically deteriorates the speed of the computer. Regular maintenance and cleaning of junk files are necessary measures to improve the speed of the computer. Read further to learn how you can increase the speed of your computer. To learn in detail how you can improve the speed of your computer, take assistance from our experience High PC Booster Support team.

Keep your system clean

Don’t let junk files occupy useful space in your hard disks. This can lead to deterioration of your PC performance and slows down the speed of the system. Clean up these junk files to increase the speed of your computer.

Remove temporary files

Though your disk cleanup function can clean junk files from your computer, you should manually clean temporary file manager to remove temporary files from your PC to avoid any type of document mess and improve the performance and speed of your PC.

Remove unwanted programs

If you are not using a program for some time, it is advisable to remove the program from the system. Having a lot of unnecessary programs can drastically deteriorate the speed and performance of a computer. Deleting these unnecessary programs can significantly improve the speed of your PC.

Remove browser history

Your browsing history keeps a list of websites you visited and records any files, cookies and information you inserted these website. Cleaning out the browser history speeds up the system and optimizes browser operating time.

Defrag the hard drive

Performing disk defragmentation on regular basis can help in arranging data on the hard disk and allow faster access of the data leading to improved speed of your PC.

Do regular maintenance

Perform regular performance maintenance of your computer by using a disk cleanup utility. These utilities can help you clean out temporary and unwanted files left by uninstallation of certain programs. Also use the registry cleaner software to remove any redundant Windows registries to make your stable and perform better.

Keep viruses away

Install a good antivirus program on your system to ward off any malware or virus attack. Keeping your system away from viruses can maintain performance of your computer.

In this way, you will be able to improve the speed of your computer using these measures. For any other issue related to computers, contact our High PC Booster Support team.