How To Improve Video Streaming In Few Easy Steps?

Video streaming is one of the most widely used internet service used by computer users. Every day millions of users upload, download or watch videos online. The quality of video streaming is majorly dependent upon the speed and strength of your internet connection. So if you are facing low video streaming or buffering, your internet connection may be the issue. There are various ways by which you can improve the video streaming quality and enjoy seamless video watching experience. Read further to learn about these quick tips to increase your video streaming. For detailed guidance on this topic, you can contact the experts of High PC Booster.

Reduce the number of ongoing tasks for the streaming item

Make sure you are not downloading any programs or keeping unnecessary programs on your tab while video streaming. Downloading programs can lead to slow video streaming, so stop any download during the streaming process.

Temporary disable other internet connections

If other devices like mobile, tablets and computer are connected to your internet connection, it may reduce the speed of your video streaming. Turn off internet connections for other devices to minimize the number of distractions of your network.

Check your internet speed

Know what internet speed is provided to you by your Internet Service Provider and if you are getting less internet speed than you are promised, inform your ISP regarding the issue.

Stream during low-activity time

There are certain times of the day, when the people in your region may not be so active on internet, hence giving you better video streaming quality. Inquire about the low-activity time of your region and enjoy the best video streaming quality during that time.

Reset your router if necessary

When you restart the network, you clear the network’s cache. If you are facing low video streaming quality, you can retry resetting your router, which not only restores the network to it default settings but also removes any connected computers, tablets and other devices from the network, which will improve the quality of your video streaming.

Update your streaming device

Whenever you are streaming video on a computer, mobile or any other device, the device should be updated with latest drivers. When you are streaming through an app, make sure that you are using the latest version of the app. Also make sure that there are no obstacles between your streaming device and your router.

Following these tips will help you in improving your video streaming experience. For any other query or issue related to your computer, contact our High PC Booster Support Number.

How To Optimize Your Netbook?

Netbook, as many people know is the smaller cousin of more popular notebooks which are abundantly available in the market. Netbook has particular niche users who need more mobility or are tight on budget. Unlike notebook or ultra books, these devices generally lack high computing power but can get your normal documentation or college assignment done seamlessly. If you are looking for ways to optimize your netbook, here is quick guide for you. Read further to learn how you can get the most out of your netbook. For a detailed and dedicated guidance on this topic, you can contact the High PC Booster experts.

Choose the right screen size

Any screen lower than 9” inches could pose problems for you. Also many web pages won’t fit in that size category, leaving with you a horizontal scroll-bar. If your eye-sight isn’t that good, you should buy the 12” screen-size netbook. However the ideal netbook screen size would be 10” which would also house a bigger keyboard.

Choose at least a six-cell battery

Your basic purpose for getting yourself a netbook could be mobility so that you can work while you travel. Having a good six-cell battery would give you extra juice to run your netbook for extended hours, serving your purpose of work-while-traveling.

Get appropriate RAM and Hard drive type

For the least get two GB of RAM, so that you can run several program simultaneously without any hassles. If you choose SSD type hard disk, you will get faster boot and data transfer. If you are tight on budget and your usage doesn’t extend much than watching movies and listening songs, then you can go for HDD type hard drive.

Setup the browser

While using a netbook, you should set a minimum font size that websites would use. You should set the browser from opening any website that uses the fonts smaller than your preferred choice. All the major browsers including Chrome, Mozilla, Opera and Safari provide this option where you can set up your prefer font size with the help of configuration settings.

In this way, you will be able to choose and optimize a netbook for yourself. For any other query related to your PC, Laptop or Netbook, contact our High PC Booster Support Number.

How To Boost Download Speed In Few Easy Steps?

Internet has come a long way since its inception. With technological advancement, speed of internet has increased exponentially. These days, a computer user can download gigs of data in matter of minutes or seconds. Optimal download speed provides a fluid steaming experience to the users making the internet surfing an enjoyable experience. However, there are certain issues that can hamper the speed of download, consequently hampering the internet experience. Read further to learn how you can fix these common internet issues and boost the download speed in few easy steps. For detailed guidance on this topic, contact our High PC Booster experts.

Check your download speed

First most navigate to Google and type internet speed, from the list of options click on Run Speed Test link to know the current download speed of your computer. In case you notice that your computer download speed is considerably faster than the files being downloaded, your internet is not the culprit. You can try to minimize the number of connected devices if your download speed is much slower than the allowed limit by your router and internet package.

Remove any non-essential devices from the internet

Connected devices draw considerable amount of internet data and can make your overall downloading speed low. Thus it is advisable to remove any non-significant devices such as TV, tablets and phone that drain your computer download speed.

Disable any apps that you are not using

Certain application can consume considerable bandwidth, making the overall download speed low. Hence it is advised to disable or stop these applications in order to optimize the download speed.

Disable streaming services

Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu or even YouTube can reduce the download speed substantially. In order to boost your download speed, you should turn off these streaming services.

Connect via Ethernet

In case you are encountering slow download speed, you can try connecting your computer to the router through Ethernet cable. If you see significant increase in the download speed by the Ethernet connection, it means your wireless connection to the router is poor. You should try placing the router closer to your computer. In case the download speed doesn’t increase, it means the problem is either in your computer or in the router.

Avoid seeding or uploading

Certain torrenting community might request you to upload or seed the data but doing so might lead to the significant drain of the download speed of your computer. You can seed or upload the content once your download is completed.

Upgrade your internet connection

Some internet connection cannot handle heavy downloads and need you to upgrade your internet connection. Contact your Internet Service Provider and upgrade your internet download package. Using an old router can also cause reduction in the download speed. Hence you should consider buying a new router to fix the download speed issue.

Contact your internet service provider

As the last resort, you should contact your Internet Service Provider and report the download speed problem to them. It may be a network issue which they can rectify on their end.

These measures should help you in fixing your download speed so that you can continue enjoying your internet surfing seamlessly. For any other query or issue related to your computer, contact our High PC Booster Support Number.

How To Open Regedit Through Different Ways?

Windows Operating System has a database called Windows Registry that stores settings and options. This database contains data and settings related to hardware, operating system software and other programs data. Windows Registry also provides a window to the functions of the kernel displaying runtime information including performance counters and ongoing active hardware. In case you need to perform any hardware troubleshooting or virus removal, you need to make changes to Windows Registry. You can get access to Windows registry by opening Regedit utility. Read further to learn how you can open Regedit in Windows. For a detailed guidance on this topic, contact our PC Speed Booster team.

Through Run box

Open Run box by clicking on Start menu and then press Run option. You can alternatively open Run box by pressing Windows and R keys simultaneously.

Type regedit in Run box

In the Run box window, type regedit and press Enter. This will initiate the Registry Editor. Based on the security settings of your computer, you will be asked to confirm if you want to begin the Registry Editor. You should note that getting access to Registry Editor may need administrator charges.

Navigate through the registry entries

With the help of menu located on the left side of Registry Editor, you can find the keys you want. In the Registry Editor, you will see many folders with multiple levels of subfolders. You can find the keys of each folder in the right frame. If you want to edit any value, you need to double-click a key in the right frame opening the window where you can make edits.

Through Command Prompt

There are various ways by which you can open Command Prompt. Click on Start menu and choose Command Prompt from All Apps list. You can also use Run box to open Command Prompt. In the Run box, type cmd and press Enter. Opening Task Manager can also get you access to Command Prompt. In the Task Manager window, click on File menu, then hold the Ctrl key and press Run New Task. In the Command Prompt, type regedit anywhere and press Enter. This will open the Registry Editor window.

Following these methods will help you open Regedit in Windows so that you can make necessary changes. For any other query or issue related to your computer, contact our High PC Booster Support Number.

How To Defrag Windows 10 In Few Easy Steps?

We store various types of data in our computers ranging from simple texts, documents, songs, videos, games etc. These files get stored in different sectors or regions in hard disks. Since the data gets copied, moved and deleted, it leaves fragments on the disks. This fragmentation or disorganization of files leads to slow accessing of data resulting in slow performance of your computer. Disk defragmentation is a Windows utility which helps in removing fragments from the disk and helps in organizing data to contagious regions that are beside each other. Read further how to defrag your Windows 10 computer. For any other issue related to your computer, you can contact our High PC Booster Support team.

Search “Defrag” in the Cortana search box

Click on the Start button, which will launch Cortana search box. Type “defrag” in the search box, which will bring the Defragment and Optimize Drives option in the search window. Click on the “Defragment and Optimize Drives” option to launch the Optimize Drives window.

You can also use File Explorer to open defrag options

Windows 10 also has the option of accessing defragment options with the help of File Explorer. Click on the Start button and navigate to File Explorer. In the File Explorer window, go to the directory tree which contains the drives and folders.

Choose the drive you want to defrag

In the Optimize Drives window, choose the drive you want to defrag and press Analyze button. This will analyze the level of fragmentation of the hard drive and show the percentage of fragmentation on the hard drive. If the fragmentation is less than 10 percent, you don’t need to defragment the hard drive.

Optimize the drive

Click on Optimize button to initiate the defragmentation of your hard drive. Depending upon the capacity of your drive and the amount of files you have on your hard drive, the defragmentation process may take from some minutes to hours. You can check the current progress of the optimization process on the Current Status column. Close the menu once the defragment process is over.

In this way, you will be able to defrag your Windows 10 computer in few easy steps. For any other query or issue related to your computer, contact our High PC Booster Support number.

How To Speed Up Your Windows 7 Computer?

Windows 7 is one of the widely used operating systems available in the market. It has host of features and help the users to perform various tasks. However with regular usage, computers tend to become slow due to accumulation of junk files, invalid Windows registries and unwanted programs. Malware and virus threats also make computers slows. But you need not worry; you can easily speed up your Windows 7 computer using some simple and easy steps. Read further to learn how you can speed up your Windows 7 computer in few easy steps. You can contact our High PC Booster Support team to get a detailed guidance on this topic.

Perform a malware scan

There are several good quality antivirus and anti-malware program available in the market. Install a reputed antivirus program and perform a full virus scan of your computer. Also run a full system malware scan to check for any malware.

Uninstall old programs

Unnecessary and unwanted programs installed on the computer put considerable burden on the resources of the system. It is advisable to remove those programs that you are not using for a while or you don’t need them in future.

Optimize Startup

Several programs add their extension services to the Startup, adding unnecessary extra time on the booting process. Check the notification area to see what programs are getting initiated at the Startup. Disable the Startup services or programs that you don’t need.

Upgrade your RAM

RAM is significant to run multiple programs but if it is in inadequate quantity in the system, it may lead to sluggish performance of the computer. If you are running highly demanding tasks on your system or you have several number of programs installed on your computer, you are advised to increase the size of RAM in your computer to make it faster.

Run Disk Cleanup

With normal usage, junk files get accumulated in the system and leads to slow performance of the computer. Use Disk Cleanup software like High PC Booster to perform disk cleanup of the hard drives and remove junk files from the system.

Run defragment of the hard drives

With time and regular usage, lot of fragments get left in the hard drives as result of frequent moving, copying and deletion of data, which makes the system slow. Regularly perform defragment of hard drives in order to make the system faster.

In this way, you will be able to speed up your Windows 7 Computer using these tips. For any other query of issue related to your computer, contact our High PC Booster Support number.

How To Choose A Computer Diagnostic Utility?

Computers are smart and intelligent devices that help us perform wide variety of tasks. However, these devices just like any machine are subjected to operational wear and tear and needs frequent maintenance and repair services. Computer diagnostic utility or tool is a software or program that helps in performing general maintenance and repair of the computer. This tool acts as PC booster facility and facilitates in optimizing the performance of the computer and repair any damage caused by viruses and malware. Apart from these functions, this utility also performs defragmentation of hard disks, protection and recovery of the data and fixing the registry issues. Choosing the right computer diagnostic utility is important for the optimal performance and maintenance of your computer. Read further to learn how you can choose a good computer diagnostic utility for your PC. For detailed guidance on this topic, contact our High PC Booster Software Support team.

Prepare an initial assessment of the computer issues

Check and observe all the technical problems that your computer is experiencing and make an assessment list of these issues.

Determine your usage with your computer

A good computer diagnostic tool optimizes the performance of your system by removing unnecessary and unwanted files from your computer and removing the browsing history, cookies and temporary internet files. Check how much files you have stored in your hard disk and what functions you perform with your computer.

Determine what you want to achieve your utility tool

Decide if your utility tool needs to optimize the performance of your computer or you need a tool that will extensively repair, recover and remove malware from your computer. There are various utility tools available in the market with their specific uses.

Determine the system requirements of your PC

The utilities tools available in the market are specific to certain operating system or system requirements. Hence it is important to check your system requirements or operating system compatibility to the diagnostic utility tools available.

Evaluate what features you want in your utility tool

These days, computer diagnostic tools come with wide array of features for the usability and comfort of the user. Check what features you are getting with your preferred choice of utility tool.

Choose a utility tool with all the features

Since you have the ability to choose, select a diagnostic tool that has best features to help you manage programs, track performance, enhance speed and uninstall unwanted programs. Also see if the programs are user friendly and easy to use.

Check product reviews before buying

After selecting some products, read online product reviews about them. Check their best features, their pros and cons and whatever good or bad these products offer. After reading the reviews, check if there are any offers available with these products.

In this way, you will finally able to choose a good computer diagnostic utility tool that will not only speed up computer but will also protect your computer from any malware and virus attacks. For any query or issue related with your computer, contact our High PC Booster Support team.