How To Reset Windows 10?

The latest Windows operating system, Windows 10 has wide range of salient features for the benefits of its users. But like any other operating system or program, it is bound to have some technical issues. Yet the technical prowess of Windows 10 allows fixing several technical issues by resetting the operating system. Resetting Windows 10 not only saves you the trouble of going to a technician but also prevents the deletion of your files, apps and settings. Read the following blog to learn how you can reset your Windows 10. For detailed guidance on this topic, consult the experts of High PC Booster.

Get access to Settings app

Go to desktop and click on the Start button located on the bottom-left corner of the screen. Click on the Settings option to get access to the Settings application.

Choose Update and security option

You will see a list of categories in the Settings window, among which select Update and security option. Go to Recovery link which must be located on the left panel.

Initiate the reset process

You may find the “Get Started” button below the “Reset this PC” option, click on it. After selecting the reset process, you can get access to your Microsoft account. This will give you the option to either keep your files or eliminate everything. In case you are not sure if you have backed your important files, you can Cancel the process and save your files first.

Determine if you want to remove everything

If you are going to retain your computer, you should choose “Just remove my files” to save settings for your future use. But if you are planning to sell your computer, select “Remove files and clean the drive” option.

Click Next on Warning screen

You may receive a prompt saying the PC was recently upgraded to Windows 10 and you won’t be able to reverse the upgrade process or even go back to the previous version of Windows. Choose the Next option to proceed ahead with the process. You would have to wait for some time before the loading of the next step.

Press Reset when ready

If you are ready, press Reset option. You would need to wait for some time as Windows will reset your device. When you would see “Choose an option” prompt, choose Continue, which will restart your Windows and initiate its resetting. Your PC may restart several times during the resetting process.

In this way, you will be able to reset your Windows 10 computer successfully. For any other query or issue related to your computer, contact the High PC Booster Support Number.

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