How To Make Your Windows Computer Look Like A Mac?

Being a traditional Windows user for long time, it is obvious that you want to stick to Windows only due to its easy customizability. However with many users migrating to OS X operating system, you might also want to get a taste of it. But how can you enjoy OS X operating system without losing the customizability of Windows? Well, there is an easy solution for you, you can actually turn your Windows computer look like a Mac by installing few programs and make few changes. Read further to learn how you can achieve this.

Download the “Yosemite Skin Pack”

A skin pack has the ability to turn your usual Windows operating system to appear like a Mac OS X operating system. Go to and download the “Yosemite Skin Pack”. You can also choose to install the older version of Mac OS but keep in mind that you should install the correct installer for your version of Windows.

Turn off your antivirus

Since skin packs could lead to some changes in the system files, antivirus programs tend to block them. In order to install a Mac OS skin-pack you need to first disable your antivirus program.

Run the installer

Run the installer application to install the skin pack on your Windows operating system, wait for some time as it will take few moments to unpack all the files. Accept the box of terms and conditions to install the skin pack.

Review the components

During the installation process, you will be asked to review the various components that will be installed with the skin pack. Click on Install button to install all the visual components of Mac OS X. Also remember to create a “Restore Point” in order to restore your Windows back to previous appearance in case you don’t like the new Mac OS X look.

Click Finish to complete the installation

Wait for some time as the installation process takes place on your computer. As soon as the installation process is over, click on Finish button.

In this way, you will be able to turn your Windows computer into a Mac. For any other query or issue related to the computer, contact us.

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