How To Change Your Startup Page In Google Chrome?

Are you bored of seeing the same startup page again and again? If yes, then there is a relief for you as Google Chrome allows the users to change the startup page of the web browser. This is a relatively easy process and will take just few minutes. Read further to learn how you can easily change your startup page in Google Chrome. Keep in mind that these instructions are for Windows platform only.

Launch Chrome

On your desktop, double-click on the Google Chrome icon to launch the application. In the application window, go to top-right corner and locate a button with three short lines.

Locate “On Startup” option

Clicking on the three short lines will launch a drop-down menu. From the menu, navigate to the Settings option. In the Settings tab locate the “On Startup” option.

Select your preferred option

There would be three options available for you. The first option is the New Tab  page, the second option allow you to continue where you left off and the third option will let you open a specific page or set of pages. From the given options, choose the third option, “Open a specific page or set of pages” which will open the page that you have specified regardless of which tab you opened in the last session.

Enter your URL of your preferred page

Now in order to open specific pages on Startup, you need to specify the pages. Click the blue “set pages” link to choose your preferred page.

Click OK

After setting your pages, click on OK option which will automatically save your settings and apply them whenever you restart the browser.

Close the browser

In order to see the results, you need to close the Google Chrome browser. Reopen your Chrome browser and you will see your preferred startup page.

In this manner you will be able to change or set your start up page in Google Chrome in few quick and easy steps. For any query or issue related to computer issues, contact our experts to assist you.

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