How To Clean Your Web History In Mozilla Firefox?

Are you worried that someone might see what you have browsed lately? Don’t worry! Mozilla Firefox has you covered. It allows you to clean your web history in few quick and easy steps. It should also be noted that cleaning the web history or cookies is also beneficial for the health of your browser. Read further to learn how you can clean your web history in Mozilla Firefox.

Open the Firefox

Launch the Firefox application by double-clicking the Firefox icon on the desktop. In the application window, click the Firefox icon to launch a menu bar.

Select History tab

From the list of options available on the menu bar, select History option. Hovering over the History option will launch a drop-down menu with a list of options.

Choose the “Clear Recent History”

From the list of options, select the “Clear Recent History” option which must be second option on the list. This will launch the “Clear Recent History” dialogue box to open in a separate window.

Change the range to “Everything”

The “Clear Recent History” dialogue box will allow you to set the “Time range to clear”. Click the arrow on the drop-down menu and choose “Everything” option to clear out your entire web history. You will also other options including “Last Hour”, “Last Two Hours” and others. Choosing any of these options will erase your web history for a limited time period but choosing the “Everything” option will wipe out your entire web history.

Click on Details

In the Clear All History dialogue box, you can also see the Details section which will allow you to select specific items that you can choose to delete from the web history. These include cookies, cache, active logins, browsing or download history and others.

Choose the details that you want delete

From the list of options, choose the details that you want to remove. After selecting details that you want delete, click on the Clear Now button to remove the items. It should be noted that once you clear out any details, you can’t undo it as the changes would be permanent in nature.

In this manner, you will be able to clean your web history in Mozilla Firefox in few easy steps. For any other query or issue related to your computer, contact our experts.

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