How To Enable Tracking Protection And Do Private Browsing In Firefox?

Many people including you might not know that several websites collect your browsing data secretively. Companies, government or cybercriminals, they all keep a track of your online activities for their respective interests. In order to keep yourself safe from any online harm, you need to do private browsing and keep yourself away from tracking. Mozilla Firefox allows you to enable tracking protection and also do private browsing. Read further to learn how you can achieve these objectives.

Go to Settings

Open Mozilla Firefox browser by double-clicking the Firefox icon on the desktop. In the application window, locate the three-short parallel lines icon at the top right corner of the window. This will launch the drop-down menu. Choose Options tab from the list.

Edit Privacy & Security settings

Go to Privacy & Security tab. Under the Tracking Protection section, there would be three options. Choose the first, Always option to enable the tracking protection for all sites. In order to check if Mozilla Firefox is blocking tracking, see if there is a shield icon in the address bar of your website.

Open “New Private Window” tab

Launch the Mozilla Firefox window and navigate to the top-right corner of the window. Click on the menu icon represented by an icon with three horizontal lines. In the menu, locate “New Private Window” tab, which must be located right about the “History” icon.

Start Browsing in Private mode

Clicking on “New Private Window” tab will open a new tab in private mode. This is similar to the Incognito mode of the Google and allows the user to browse internet safely without the fear of being tracked or spied on.

In this manner, you will be able to enable tracing protection for your Mozilla Firefox and also do private browsing.

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