How To Lock Google Chrome With A Password?

These days we have passwords for everything – for the computer, for your email accounts, for your mobile and several other things. Passwords are your first line of defense against any type of unsolicited attempt to invade your privacy. What if you know that you can also lock your Google Chrome with a password making browsing on your computer hard for any unwanted user? Wouldn’t that be great? Read further to learn how you can lock your Google Chrome with a password.

Open your Name tab

Launch the Google Chrome application by double-clicking the Chrome icon on the desktop. Click on your name tab which must be located at the upper-right side of the application.

Add Person

In the bottom of the menu, you will find the Manage People tab. Click on this tab. Now go to the bottom-right corner of the window and click on Add Person. In the text field near the top of the window, type a name for the new account.

Enable Supervision of the account

On the bottom of your window, click the checkbox to enable the supervision of the account. If you want to create a desktop shortcut of the new user, checks the “Create a desktop shortcut for this user” box, if not, then uncheck the box.

Select your Google Account

Again at the bottom of the window, click on “Select an account” drop-down box. This will launch a drop-down menu. Now choose your Google account by writing the email address associated with your account.

Save the changes

There is a blue button in the bottom-right corner of the window, click on Save to create the secondary profile. It will take some time to create the profile. Locate gray button at the bottom of the window and click on OK, GOT IT tab.

Exit and check the changes

On the top-right side of the window, click your name tab to launch the drop-down menu. Now click on Exit and childlock tab to lock the Chrome with a password.

In this way, you will be able to lock Google Chrome with a password and keep your browser safe from any wanted activity.

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