Basic Measures To Fix Issue Of Not Accessing A Particular Website?

This might have happened with you, when you try to access a particular website but it won’t load. If the server or internet is down, there is nothing you can do except wait for internet services to resume. However if that website loads on other computers but not yours, then there must be issue with your computer. Though there are several ways by which you can fix this issue including changing your DNS settings, scanning with antivirus software or checking browser settings but you can resolve this issue by some quick and easy fixes. Read further to learn how you can fix this issue with some following some basic measures.

Try loading the site from another network or device

Try to run the website on any other mobile or computer. If the website runs on other device, it means that the problem is with your computer but if the website doesn’t load in another device, it means there is issue in network.

Reboot your computer

You will be surprised to know, that you can resolve several small PC issues just by restarting the computer. Reboot your computer and check the website again.

Load the website on another browser

Sometimes a website doesn’t run a particular browser due some incorrectly configured settings. To resolve this issue try to load the website on another browser.

Temporarily disable your antivirus

It is common to see antivirus programs interfering the loading of certain websites. To check if it is due to antivirus, temporarily disable your antivirus program and try to load the website again.

Reset your modem and router

It is also common to witness tripping of traffic of certain websites due to modem or router. Reset your modem and router and try to load the website again.

Check the date and time settings of your PC

Sometimes certain https:// websites doesn’t load due to incorrect date and time settings. Make sure the time and date are set correct and check the website again.

Make sure that there are no parental controls

Having parental controls enabled on your computer can block certain websites. Check if the parental controls are not enabled on your particular website. Disable them and reload your website.

These are some of the quick and easy measures to help you fix a particular website that you couldn’t access.

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