How To Reboot Crashed Windows PC?

If you are a computer users especially a Windows user, you might have faced the Windows crashing issue. This is a common issue and there could be variety of reasons for its occurrence. Sometimes a hardware or software issue can also lead to crashing of the Windows. In order to fix this issue, you have to first determine the cause of the problem. You need to take several measures to fix your Windows crashing issue. Read further to learn how you can reboot your crashed Windows computer and take necessary measures.

Check the Source of the Problem

In order to resolve your crashed Windows PC, you first need to determine the cause of the issue. Turn on your computer and run the computer in safe mode. While the PC is on safe mode, launch Windows Log Files to check the issue. If you are seeing a blue screen, you can find the problem in the memory index.

Check and Reconnect hardware cables

Power failures or insufficient power supply also causes Windows crashing. Restart your PC and check your wires and connections.

Undo recent software changes

Often minor software or hardware changes could lead to Windows getting crashed. In order to fix this issue, you need to undo your recent software changes. You need to uninstall your recently installed programs by going to Control Panel.

Try out last known Good Configuration

Windows offer variety of booting options. In order to fix your booting problems, you can boot your computer with option, Last Known Good Configuration.

With the help of Safe Mode

Windows operating system provide the offer of booting your computer in Safe Mode which allows the user to operate the Windows in a restricted state. In this mode, you can restart your crashed window and try to fix some issues.

Use Installation or Repair Disc

Computer manufacturer often provide Windows operating system installation discs along with the computer. So whenever you face issues that are causing your Windows to crash, you can always repair your windows with the help of these operating system discs.

Following these measures, will allow the user to easily restart crashed Windows and save your precious time and money.

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