How To Install Notebook RAM?

Notebook, being a popular type of laptop is in the market offers wide range of features and usability to the consumer. These come in variety of RAM Sizes and computer power. RAM is an important factor in determining the speed and performance of a computer. In case you feel that your notebook doesn’t not have adequate RAM size you can add RAM by adding more RAM cards. Read further to learn how you can install RAM in your notebook.

Determine the type of RAM your are using

Since RAM comes in variety of speeds and models, you need to determine the type of RAM your notebook laptop uses. To determine this, visit the website of your notebook’s manufacturer or check the documentation of your laptop.

Properly checking your grounding

Before you go ahead to remove the back panel of your laptop, make sure you are properly grounded so that you wouldn’t damage any sensitive laptop components.

Unplug your laptop

Switch of the laptop and unplug it from power source. Now remove the battery from the laptop and press the power button to drain out any remaining energy.

Determine the number of sockets

Remove the bottom panel of your laptop and get access to the RAM sockets of your notebook. While some notebooks have only one socket, which means you can only remove the current RAM card and replace it with another RAM card with higher RAM size. While other laptop models can have two or more sockets, in which you can put RAM cards.

Remove the old RAM Card

In case you are replacing the old RAM Card, you need to release any clamps on the side of the socket. Release the clamps by pressing them down which will pop up the RAM a little bit. Now remove the RAM card from the socket.

Push down the new RAM card

Remove the protective packaging from the new RAM card and line up the notch in the RAM card stick with the break in the slot. Once the RAM stick is installed at a 45 degree angle, press it down into the bottom of the laptop until the clamps lock into place.

Check the RAM

Now put back the battery and back panel of the laptop and boot the device. Enter the BIOS of the computer to test the RAM.

In this manner, you would be able to add and install RAM into your Notebook and enhance its performance.

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