How To Locate Randomly Lost Computer Memory?

Computer programs needs memory to run and if you are running several programs together, you need adequate amount of memory. If for some reason, you need to run several programs simultaneously but fails to do because of inadequate memory, you can locate your randomly lost computer memory and accumulate it together to help your run multiple programs together. Read further to learn how you can find randomly lost computer memory.

Observe your past activities

Take a little detour to your past activities that you have performed in recent times in your computer. Especially focus on the downloading or installing of the programs that occupy considerable amount of disk space.

Run the Disk Cleaner

Navigate to Start Menu and click on programs. Now go to Disk Cleaner from the list of tools and run the application. After finding drive errors, delete them.

Get rid of unnecessary Programs

Go to Control Panel and find Uninstall or change a program icon. Click on it to launch the window with the list of installed programs. Now locate the programs that you haven’t used for quite some time and are occupying important computer space. Select these programs one by one and delete them.

Delete the unimportant files

In your computer hard disk, you must have certain files that you don’t need anymore or haven’t used in a while. Locate these files and folders and delete them from your computer.

Run an antivirus scan

Sometimes virus infection can also lead to duplication of files and folders, which can occupy significant portion of your computer memory. Install an effective antivirus program on your computer and run a full system scan of your computer. If you find any virus threats, select them and delete them to reclaim important computer memory.

Run PC TuneUp Program

Generally, junk files and errors unnecessarily occupy disk space. Removing them can help you reclaim significant disk size. Run a good PC TuneUp program and remove any junk files or errors issue found in the scan.

Change System Restore Settings

In case you couldn’t get any satisfactory results after following all these measures, you should make significant changes in System Restore Settings to recover your lost computer memory.

In this manner, you would be able to locate your randomly lost computer memory and run several programs together without any hassle.

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