How To Add Extensions In Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser in the internet with millions of daily users across the globe. Its light-weight and user-friendly nature makes it a favorite among users and developers. Apart from its functionality, Chrome is feature rich and offers variety of extensions for your usage. Extensions help you extend the functionality of your Google Chrome window. Read further to learn how you can add extensions to your Google Chrome browser in few easy steps.

Open drop-down menu in Chrome

Launch the Google Chrome application by double-clicking the Google Chrome icon on your desktop. When you are in the Chrome window, navigate to the top-right corner to an icon with three small horizontal lines. Click on it to launch the drop-down menu with various options.

Click on Extensions

At the bottom of the drop-down menu, click on the More Tools option to open a pop-out menu. In this menu, select Extensions option to open the Extensions page.

Find the extension you want to install

In order to install an extension, scroll down the menu and locate Get more extensions option and click on it to open the Chrome Web Store. In this store there would be options for extensions, themes, apps and games. Navigate to the “Search the store” dialog box and click on it.        Now type the name or word of the extension you want to add and press Enter. You will see a list of extension options for your query. Scroll through the list of extensions to find the one you want to add.

Add the extension

On the far-right side of the extension’s name, you would find the “+ADD TO CHROME” tab. Click on this tab to launch a prompt screen asking your for the confirmation to add the extension. Click on Add extension option to add the extension to your Chrome. Refresh your Chrome window to check if you have successfully added the extension.

In this manner, you would be able to add extensions in Google Chrome window and increase the functionality of your Chrome.

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