How To Avoid Damaging RAM While Installation?

RAM also known as Random Access Memory is that part of the computer that stores the temporary information of the programs. It is quite essential for the smooth functioning of the program. But due to some reason if you need to install a fresh RAM memory card or want to add RAM to your memory, you need to be careful to take right measures. Read further to learn how you can avoid damaging your RAM while installation.

Always install the RAM in clean environment

When you plan to install a RAM, you need to open the casings of your laptop or desktop. If you are working in an unclean environment with constant exposure to dust, debris or stray liquids, you risk your RAM cards getting exposed to these particles which might lead to corruption of the RAM memory. Thus you are advised to work in a clean environment.

Handle the RAM module properly

Whenever you need to hold the RAM modules, hold them by the edges. Avoid touching the golden electrical components of the RAM stick as they are areas of electrical connections. If you touch the golden parts, you may expose the delicate electrical connections to your finger oil which may destroy the module.

Take care while inserting the modules into the slots

Always make sure that your RAM modules are compatible your motherboard otherwise they won’t match. If they are incompatible, you may end up breaking up the RAM when you try too much force to fit the module into the motherboard. When you find that the two are compatible with each other, keep the lines up to the tabs and notches before applying the correct force.

Reduce the risk of electrostatic discharge

Always ground yourself properly before handling any electrical components. Also avoid installing RAM or other components while standing on carpet as carpets generate lot of static electricity which could damage your RAM module.

Following these tips will help you avoid damaging your RAM during installation process and help you in smooth installation of your RAM.

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