How To Resolve Registry Issues In Your Windows 7 Computer?

Windows Registry is important part of Windows as it contains registry entries of the programs installed in the memory of the computer. These registries are essential in maintaining smooth functioning of programs. There could be variety of factors that could lead to issues or corruption of registries. Having corrupt or invalid Windows registries could make your system unstable or could also lead to crashing of the system. If you are running Windows 7 computer, here is a quick way to fix your registry issues.

Open the System Restore

One quick method that you can opt to fix Registry issue is with the help of System Restore. This method is effective when you realize that Window Registry might have got corrupted after installing a program or software driver. To fix this issue, you can restore your system back to the point where it was running smoothly or to the time before you have installed the recent program or software driver. Now to use this method, you have to open the system restore window. For this click the Start menu and then type “Restore” in the search bar. Among the search results, select System Restore to launch the System Restore window.

Select a Restore Point

Windows usually create restore points whenever there are significant or major changes in the OS. As a user, you can also create your own restore points using the System Restore window. Now look at the list of restore points that are available for you to revert back your system.

Scan for affected programs

Once you have selected the restore point, click on “Scan for affected programs” to see the list of programs and drivers that would be removed after the restoring process. However, you shouldn’t worry about your personal files as they won’t get affected by the restoring.

Complete the System Restore

Now click the Next option and choose Finish option to start the restore process. Wait for some time as the system is restoring the previous point. Once the restore process is successfully completed, restart your computer.

In this way, you could easily fix Registry issues in few easy steps and resume the smooth functioning of your computer.

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