How To Reset A Linksys Router

Router is a popular device that helps in transferring an internet connection to multiple users through wireless network. There are various types of routers available in the market with different types of features. Linksys Router is a popular type of router which is used by millions of users worldwide. If you are a Linksys Router and are facing some technical issues and need to reset your device, this article is right for you. Read further to learn how you can reset your Linksys router in few easy steps.

Switch off your computer and router

First you need to turn off your computer and then switch off your router and unplug your router from the power source.

Plug back your router

After unplugging the router, wait for one minute before plugging the router back to the power source.

Hold the Reset button

Locate the Reset button in your router, which must be located at the back side of the router along with LAN and WAN ports. Use a paper clip and straighten it. Use this straightened paper clip to press the reset button. Now press and hold down the Reset button. You will find the Power light button blinking when you are holding the Power button. In some new models, you would need only to press and hold the button for 10 seconds while in older models, you might need to press and hold for 30 seconds.

Wait for power button to stop blinking

Wait for some time till the Power button stops blinking and becomes solid. This shows that reset is complete. Now switch on your computer.

Test the internet connection

In order to check, if you have successfully completed the resetting of your router, you need to open a browser on your computer. If the browser and internet connection is running appropriately, then it means you have properly reset the router.

This is how you should reset your Linksys router in few easy steps to ensure smooth and hassle-free internet connection.

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