How To Speed Up Slow Windows Computer By Cleaning The Hard Drive?

Computers tend to get slow with usage and time. There are variety of reasons for computers getting slow ranging from accumulation of junk files, unnecessary programs on the memory and excessive data on hard drives. In order to speed up your Windows computer you need to fix these issues. Read further to learn how you can clean up your hard drives to speed up your Windows computer in few easy steps.

Open Disk Cleanup app

Click on Start menu which is located at the lower left corner of the screen. This will bring up the menu list. Now type “Disk Cleanup” in the search menu. You will see Disk Cleanup app in the results. Disk Cleanup is utility tool provided by Windows to clear up temporary files, processes and other data to speed up the system.

Check items to delete

Now select the items to delete under “Files to Delete” heading. You can download downloaded program files, Recycle Bin contents, temporary files, thumbnails and some other options.

Click OK to confirm deletion of files

First click OK and then confirm deletion of files by clicking “Delete Files”. This will start the deletion of all the selected files thus clearing out considerable amount of occupied disk space for your usage.

Open Defragment option

Click the Start menu and type Defrag to open the Defragmentation app on your computer. Select the “Defragment and Optimize Drives” option which will help you to consolidate all the scattered files and data so that you can access the hard drive data faster, increasing the computer speed. Keep in mind to avoid performing defragmentation on SSD hard drives as they could damage your files.

Click Optimize

Select your hard drive from the Defrag window and click on Optimize button to initiate the defragmentation process. Depending upon the size of fragments and scattered files, it will take some time to completely defrag the hard drive.

Consider moving files to external hard drives

Hard drives have a tendency to access only the half amount of data on them quickly while for the rest of the data, the access speed reduces considerably. In order to increase the speed of your computer, it is suggested that you should transfer excess data from your hard drive to an external storage like external hard drives.

Following these tips will help you increase the speed of your Windows computer considerably in few easy steps.

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