How To Keep Your PC Running Smooth And Fast?

If you are Windows PC owner, you know that with usage and time, your PC will start showing technical issues due to variety of reasons such as accumulation of junk files, unnecessary storage of files and high numbers of programs installed on the memory. In order to keep your PC running smooth and fast, you need to fix all these issues. Read further to learn how you can follow some quick tips and tricks to help your Computer running fast and smooth.

Install the drivers for hardware

All your hardware such as DVD drive, motherboard, graphics card and others need drivers to run smoothly. Go to official website of your manufacturer and install the drivers for your hardware.

Remove unnecessary apps

In order to speed up your Windows computer, you need to remove unnecessary programs and apps that are burdening the resources of your computer. Go to Add or Remove Programs option to remove unnecessary programs that you don’t use or any unwanted bloatware.

Update the Windows

Windows regularly launches updates with latest security and programs features. Install these updates to keep your Operating System updated with newest security features.

Keep your downloads in different folders

Generally downloads are kept in the C drive. For downloading movies and games, make a different folder. For installing certain programs, choose to give them a different installation destination other than Program Files.

Use antivirus program

Antivirus program is a must program for any Windows computer. Having an antivirus program keeps the computer safe from any type of malicious threats including viruses, malware, adware, spyware and Trojans.

Use a Firewall

Windows natively come with a Firewall protection which is sufficiently strong against wide range of internet threats. Keep your firewall activated and running to ward off any spying or hacking attempts from hackers.

Use cleaning software

There are various disk cleaning software available in the market. Install a popular and effective cleaning software to clean up any type of junk files accumulated in your computer. This will help in speeding up your computer.

Defrag the hard drives

Regularly defrag your hard drives to consolidate your hard drive data and reduce fragments that cause slow access of data. This will help in speeding up the access of data.

Following these tips will help in keeping your Windows PC running smooth and fast for several years to come.

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