How To Fix Computer Overheating From Blocked Heat Sink?

Personal computers face variety of technical issues that lead to wide range of behaviors in the system. For instance different types of internal and external factors lead to sudden shutdown of the computer. One of these factors is the overheating of the computer due to blocked heat sink which could lead to sudden shutdown of the PC. Read further to learn how you can fix computer overheating that is caused by blocked heat sink.

Unplug your computer

Unplug your computer before removing the case. It is advisable to wear static wrist guard to protect yourself from any possible electrical shock.

Consider some other options

There could be other causes of overheating such as poor air circulation in the computer case. If you have space in your computer, you can use another fan for cooling.

Remove the small CPU fan plug from the motherboard

To remove the small CPU fan, hold the plastic end and carefully pull the fan till it comes out. Keep in mind to not pull the wires. Remove the screws, so that you can remove the CPU cooling fan.

Be careful with the processor

Slowly release the CPU from the motherboard. Be careful with the handling of the processor. Remember not to drop the processor as it could damage the processor. There are equal chances that the processor might be stuck to the heat sink by thermal paste. Carefully separate them so that you don’t damage the CPU.

Clean out the sink

Using the compressed air can blow out any dust and debris accumulating on the heat sink. If the dust and debris are being resilient, try the method again.

Wipe off any residual thermal paste

Using a clean cotton bud or paper towel, carefully wipe off any residual thermal paste. You can use little bit of alcohol to easily clean off the residual.

Replace the heat sink

First replace the CPU in its socket and then add a thin layer of thermal paste to the top part of the CPU. Be careful to not use excessive quantity of thermal paste as it could cause overheating issues again. Put back the heat sink and plug back the fan. Plug and hold them on motherboard.

Test the computer

Secure any stray wires and keep them away from fans. Now put back the cover. Check if the computer is running properly.

In this manner, you will be able to fix your computer overheating issue caused by blocked heat sink.

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