How To Speed Up Your Slow Windows Computer By Uninstalling Programs?

Computers that run on Windows are susceptible to slow performance after a considerable period of time. There are varieties of factors that cause the slow speed of Windows computers. These factors range from accumulation of junk files to the unnecessary installation of programs on the memory. In order to increase the speed of your slow computer, you need to remove unnecessary programs from your memory. Read further to learn how you can delete unwanted programs from your memory and boost the speed of your Windows PC.

Open your Start Menu

You can view the programs installed on the computer by clicking the Start menu. Click on the Start Menu which will launch the menu with the list of various programs on the computer.

Determine the apps you want to install

There are various unnecessary apps on the Windows like News and Radio that you might not want on your system that affect the performance of your computer. Decide which apps you want to keep and which ones you want to discard. However keep in mind that certain apps could be important in keeping the normal functionality of your computer, so you might decide to keep those apps.

Click Uninstall to confirm your choice

Right-click on the app you want to remove from the system which will be followed by a context menu. Now click “Uninstall” option to confirm your choice. You can directly remove the app using this option and will not need to visit “Programs and Features” folder to uninstall the programs. It is advised that you should remove any type of stock apps, plugins, programs and free trials from the system.

Consider installing replacement programs

There are various viable alternatives for stock installed apps. For instance you can use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox instead of Microsoft Edge. Finally restart your computer to save the changes.

In this manner, you will be able to boost the speed of your slow Windows computer by deleting unnecessary programs from your computer.

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