How To Turn Off Mac Firewall?

Mac computers run Mac OS X operating system that has inbuilt firewalls which help in preventing any potentially harmful or malicious incoming threats. Firewall mainly focuses on preventing or limiting the access of other computers and networks to your computer. This is done to keep you safe against any hacking attempt. However, the Mac firewall also has the tendency to block any thirty-party hardware or software you try to run with your system. So if you want to use any such third-party hardware or software, you need to disable or modify the Mac Firewall settings. Read further to learn how you can do this on your Mac OS X version 10.6.

Go to System Preferences

On the desktop, click the Apple menu from the toolbar. Navigate to System Preferences tab and click on it to launch the System Preferences window.

Go to Firewall settings

In the System Preferences window, locate Security & Privacy tab and click it. In the following Security & Privacy window, click the Firewall tab. There would be a Stop button to disable your firewall. Click this button to disable the firewall. Now you can check if the Firewall is disabled by seeing the “Firewall Off” button.

Modify the Settings

If you don’t want to disable your firewall, you can modify the firewall settings to customize the firewall. Under the Firewall tab, there would be Advanced button, click it. Check mark the “Block all incoming connections” to block all the incoming connections except those that are important for the normal functioning of the computer. Selecting this setting would block and prevent all sharing functions but those connections that are significant for network configuration services will still run. In case you want to give those applications that have valid certificates full access to your network, then you can select “Automatically allow signed software to receive incoming connections” box. If you want to prevent requests from unauthorized software, check mark the “Enable stealth mode” box.

Enable the firewall

Once you have completed your work with the third-party hardware or software, it is suggested that you should re-enable your Mac Firewall so that you can prevent any unauthorized access to your computer.

In this manner, you would be able to turn off your Mac Firewall to run some third-party hardware to software.

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