How To Install A Computer Processor?

Computer processor also known as the Central Processing Unit or CPU is the main brains behind the enormous computing prowess of the computers. Without the CPU, the computer won’t process anything. There are three important parts of CPU namely Arithmetic Logic Unit, Control Unit and the Registers. If your computer processor becomes corrupt for some reason or you want to upgrade it, there are certain instructions that you should follow to successfully install the new processor. Read further to learn how you can install a computer processor without any hassles.

Determine the type of CPU

First determine the type and speed of your CPU by removing the system cover unit and observing the chip. You can read the label to determine the manufacturer, speed and model of the CPU.

Remove the system unit’s cover

Switch off the computer and remove the system unit from any type of system unit. Remove any component required to remove the system unit’s cover. Remove the screws from the back side of the case and slide away the cover of system unit’s cover.

Locate the CPU Chip

Before you touch the circuit, remove any electrical static charge from your body and clothes by touching any grounded object or doorknob. Locate the CPU chip on the motherboard. Before you upgrade or change the processor, you should check the computer’s manual to determine if the chip is a Proprietary chip.

Remove any components to get access of CPU chip

If required, remove any components such as hard drive or expansion slots to get the full access to the chip. You can unscrew the nearby tower units for better of the chip. Once you see the chip, hold the liver on the Zero Insertion Force and carefully pull the liver straight up.

Install the new processor

When inserting the new chip, align the beveled side of the chip to match the beveled end of the socket. This makes sure that the chip gets installed in one direction only. Remember before installation of the chip, check if the chip would be compatible to your system and if doesn’t, can you return it. Also you may need to upgrade your RAM to match the upgraded CPU power.

In this manner, you will be able to upgrade your computer power by installing a new computer processor.

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